No More for One Two East


JH West 12th Street Partners Ltd has withdrawn its request for additional development entitlements, and City of Austin staff has posted notice to Council that no action is required on August 4, 2016.

Withdrawn Proposal Request (PDF) »

185 feet tall

Drenner Group and JH West 12th Street Partners LTD have proposed a $200 million project 185 feet in height for the 2.839 acre CVS/Bingo site at East 12th Street and IH-35.

10,000 Cars Per Day

‘One Two East’ includes 474 units in two residential towers atop a “full service” ground-floor grocery store or smaller grocer/ full pharmacy that will bring at least 10,000 cars per day to our neighborhoods, tower over historic and affordable homes, and permanently challenge the viability of central east Austin single-family neighborhoods.

Since 1991, the two tracts that comprise this site have enjoyed development entitlements that permit 463,747 square feet of buildable space and allowable heights of 100 feet and 150 feet tall, respectively. Drenner Group and Mr. Dawlett have requested increases in height for both tracts to 185 feet and 155,582 additional square feet of buildable space.

Robertson Hill 2015

Nothing about this project justifies the negative impact on historic Robertson Hill

For more than a year, representatives of Robertson Hill Neighborhood Association and the Central East Austin neighborhood plan contact team have met with Drenner Group and Mr. Dawlett to discuss how this project could mitigate its negative impact on adjacent single-family neighborhoods. Trucks would take access from the IH-35 side, but 10,000 cars per day would still have access to three entrances and exits on Branch Street, an urban local street lined with heritage oaks that is 24 feet wide at East 12th Street and narrows to 18 feet at Juniper Street.

The proposed tower design reads as a wall at street level and will cast sustained shadows over single-family homes, heritage oaks, Lott Park and East 12th Street tracts during the day and light up our homes at night. A $1 million trust fund to help low and moderate income property owners challenged by property tax increases is not enough to keep hundreds of people in their homes and their properties viable long-term for single-family use.

Robertson Hill Not Downtown Since 1875

The Organization of Central East Austin Neighborhoods and its individual member neighborhoods

Robertson Hill, Kealing, Blackshear-Prospect Hill, Guadalupe and Swede Hill, the Austin Revitalization Authority and the African American Cultural Heritage District.

We respectfully request that the Planning Commission and City Council deny One Two East’s proposed rezoning and stand up for the future of central east Austin neighborhoods and the African American Cultural Heritage District.